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How do I download website files from my SolidCP account?

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To download your website you need to first access the SolidCP Panel. You can access the panel via Client Portal or Direct Access

Via Client Area

  1. Login to our client area on our website
  2. Click on the services icon/menu
  3. Then click your hosting account from the listof services you host with us.
  4. In the next window, you will see a ‘Login To SolidCP’ button similar to the below image.


By clicking to that button you will get access to your SolidCP Panel.

Note: If you’ve changed your SolidCP login credentials and it’s not updated in our client DB you may probably get login failed message. In that case, use the direct login

Via Direct Login URL:-

  1. Access the URL: use your SolidCP credentials to gain access. (We'll email the credentials at the time of signup)
Note: if you forgot the password we can send the details to your registered email ID. Just open a LiveChat and request for login credentials. If you’ve tried multiple failed login attempts then you may get ‘Locked Out’ from the control panel (SolidCP). It can also be resolved by contacting us through LiveChat or open a ticket to technical support.

To download the Website Files:-

  1. Make sure you are logged in to SolidCP
  2. click on ‘File Manager’ option
  3. click on your domain name
  4. click on the tick next to wwwroot
  5. click on Zip in the navigation bar just above the folder structure.
  6. a popup will appear. Give the .zip file a name and click Zip.
  7. The next step is to click on the zip file in the list of files that appear. This will download the content of your website.
  8. Delete the zip file from file manager once done.

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