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How to Install/Renew a premium SSL Certificate in SolidCP

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This guide will show you how to setup a premium SSL purchased from Cyber Host Pro in SolidCP.

Login to SolidCP

Go to Websites > YOUR-WEBSITE and click the SSL TAB at the top

From certificate type choose www.DOMAIN and complete all of the other boxes

then click generate CSR as shown below

Once done you will be given a CSR (several lines of letters and numbers) - we will copy and paste this to another screen shortly.

in a new tab/window login to your account at and go to services and open your unused SSL certificate.

Click Generate now

This will load the SSL Generator

In the large text area labeled Input CSR copy and paste the text from solidCP CSR Request in here.

from the dropdown menu for Select Your Web Server choose Microsoft IIS 5.0

Signature Algorithm set "SHA 2" like below:

Scroll down and enter your details then click "click to continue" to move to the next step.

You now have 3 options to validate/setup your SSL Certificate. E-mail is the fastest method.

In this example we will be using DNS. You should only use DNS if your domain name DNS records are hosted with us (ie you use our name servers on your domain name).

The next page will look similar to this:

Go back to SolidCP
on the left go to domains > YOURDOMAIN and click Edit DNS zone records on the right

Click ADD Record
Record Type: TXT
Record Name: (leave blank)
Record Data: << ENTER The Text From VALUE In Above Screenshot >>

Click SAVE once done.

Go back to the Cyber Host Pro client area and open your SSL product.

The status will show pending:

Wait 5-10 minutes before refreshing the page and wait for it to change to ACTIVE:

Scroll down and download / extract the certifcate to your desktop and extract the ZIP file called CERTIFICATES.
open the folder "CER - CRT Files"
open the file "ServerCertifcate.cer" with a text editor such as notepad, notepad++ or sublime text.

Copy/Paste the content to SolidCP SSL tab on your website

click install Certificate below the text box.

Once done you will see this:

Your SSL is now sucessfully installed.

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