Service Plans & Subscriptions

Service Plan

The service plan defines the allocation of your resources, such as how much disk space, bandwidth, and other features that are offered to your client.

To create a Service Plan

  • Login to your Plesk admin panel.
  • In the left-hand menu, click Service Plans.
  • Click the Add New Plan button.
  • Type a name for your new plan.
  • Adjust the settings to your preference. Enter the resources allowed like diskspace, mailbox nos. and sizes etc.
    • In the Permissions Tab, disable all the Backup features as those aren’t supported and will cause sync problems with the subscription
  • The other settings and tabs are fine as the default values. Once you are happy with your values, scroll all the way down and click the OK button.

A subscription is an instance of a service plan assigned to a reseller or customer account, much like creating a new cPanel account in WHM and assigning a Package to it. In other words, a subscription is an agreement which allows one to use the resources and services of a service plan in order to run websites and possibly resell them.

EXAMPLE: You create a reseller service plan called MegaMoney. When you want to grant a domain privileges and resources of a MegaMoney customer, you will need to subscribe that domain to the MegaMoney plan.

While the reseller's customers can be subscribed to hosting service plans, the resellers can have their own subscriptions to reseller service plans for their own purposes.

About subscriptions

Each subscription is linked to a main domain, which is the domain created along with the

subscription. You can create and host multiple domains under one subscription, but we recommend you do not do this, as it can limit growth in the future. Specifically, any subscription which hosts multiple domains will be limited to 1 IP address and 1 SSL certificate. This means only one of the domains per subscription can ever have SSL, and all the domains on the same subscription will have the same IP address at all times.

You can also customize existing subscriptions, thus unsyncing the subscription from the service plan. A custom subscription may be useful in case you want to provide unique terms which deviate from your regular business transactions.

You can change an association between a subscription and service plans at any time as follows.

Change the subscription to use a different service plan.

Parallels Plesk Panel allows for the following subscription states:

Synced - This means the subscription is associated with a particular service plan, and any changes made to the plan are automatically applied to the subscription.

Unsynced - This indicates that some services or resources offered with the associated service plan cannot be provided to the subscription, perhaps because you ran out of a particular service or resource.

Locked - This indicates that the subscription is excluded from syncing with its associated service plan. This happens when you change the parameters of the subscription without changing the associated service plan.

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