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Cyber Host Pro provide basic support for FREE on all VPS and Dedicated Servers.  FREE Support is for basic queries that do not envolve admin time such as how do I setup name servers, or how do I find out how much diskspace i have available.

Any support queries that require us to login to your server such as problems on your VPS or Control Panel, then a set fee of £20 per ticket for up to 30 minutes dedicated admin time is chargable. 

To open a technical support ticket for dedicated servers or VPS please use the following as a template


1) My VPS is a Windows/Linux VPS and my Control panel is CPanel/Kloxo/WebsitePanel

2) My VPS Remote Desktop/SSH IP is:   if you use custom port, please also specifiy this here

3) My Problem is...

4) if this was working previously what changed to cause this issue and what changes have you made to try and fix this


We will then open the charge to your card instantly and begin working on the problem.

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